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标题: 水滴 滴滴滴 [打印本页]

作者: 维也纳    时间: 2008-10-28 11:41     标题: 水滴 滴滴滴


Re:'Water Drops'--下落的水滴

Imagine if you could freeze time, how cool would that be? Well in this little overview i'm going to show you how using 3d studio max.
(假想如果你可以让时间停止,那将会有多酷?在这个教程里将会告诉你如果在3ds max里面实现)


This scene is very simple so the models are not very complex at all.

-Drops- the drops are just spheres which I converted to editable poly and went into vertex mode and enabled soft selection and made sure it grabbed a fair amount of vertices in its selection, then I grabbed the top vertex and pulled it up and with the help of the soft selection it got a "drop" shape, but that’s not all I added a noise modifier and a bit of bend to give it some distortion then I topped it of with mesh smooth to smoothen it out.   

Droplets- these are just half spheres with mesh smooth, and a few where joined together to get the water attraction look.  

Leaf- the leaf is basically a plane that was made to in the shape of a leaf nothing complex, I gave it the bend with 2 bend modifiers and mesh smooth to make it look good.   

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作者: 维也纳    时间: 2008-10-28 11:43

Texturing o2LUB)=R'  

There is only one texture in this scene and that’s the leaf, the drops are just vraymats shaders.
-Drops- in the vray mat options I have it set too completely white diffuse, reflect and refract. Plus checking the box for Reflect set it to Fresnel and the index of refraction set to 1.331 and that’s it simple huh?  
(水滴材质):在vraymtl 选项里我把颜色设置为白色,勾选反射的Fresnel reflections.将折射率设置为1.331.)

-Leaf- the leaf is made with a texture I found at and I applied it to the leaf mesh in a way so that I wouldn't have to edit it in Photoshop. The shader is a vraymat with reflections set to 5, I added translucency and put it to a nice green and I had these settings:
((树叶材质):树叶的贴图我是在找到的.我将它附于给树叶模型.这样我就不需要在photoshop 里面编辑了.材质使用的是一个vraymtl材质,将反射设置为5,添加了一些透明度,透明度的具体设置如下

Thickness 1.0 fog multiplier 0.
Light multiplier 2.0
Scatter coeff 0.5 82  
fws/bck coeff 0.5 79MB

And finally a bump map I made by Gray scaling the texture in Photoshop and applying it at 100 and that’s for the texturing.
(最后应用一个凹凸贴图(把树叶贴在photoshop 里处理成灰色的).)

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作者: 维也纳    时间: 2008-10-28 11:45

-Drops- I cloned the drop several times and changed their position and scale to give it a randomised falling from the sky look, then I animated them coming down right through the leaf from frame 0 to 100 but made sure its not doing to fast, the reason for this ? To get a nice motion blur!
-Droplets- I cloned them several times and hand placed them, there are basically 3 types of droplets in this scene, the "normal" ones "small" ones and the "merging" ones.  

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作者: 维也纳    时间: 2008-10-28 11:46

This is pretty standard affair.
-image sampler set to adaptive default settings.   
(图象的采样设置为Adaptive subdivision)
-Depth of field on with focal dist at 200 (may vary depending on the scale of the scene) shutter size at 2.25
(将depth of field/antialisaing filter 卷展栏的景深勾选,将Focal dist的值保持默认的200(根据场景的大小而定),将size 值设置为2.25)
-irradiance map set at min rate -3 and max rate at -2 with global photon map for secondary bounces k
-caustics on with a multiplier at 9000, search dist at 10 and max photons at 120
(打开焦散,设置焦散强度为9000, search dist为10, max photons为120) )
-Environment colour set to a light yellow multiplier set at 1, reflection/refraction an hdri map was used, and multiplier set to
(在环境卷展栏勾选天光,并将天光颜色设置为微黄色.天光强度为1,在反射/折射用的一个HDRI贴图,强度为1) -Motion blur turned on duration at 0.3 interval centre at 0.5, geometry samples at 2 prepass samples at 1, blur particles as mesh and Monte Carlo sampling.
(打开运动模糊,将Duration{frame}的值设置为0.3,将Interval center的值设置为0.5, geometry samples的值为2,勾选Blur partical as mesh..并且勾选Monte Carlo sampling.)

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作者: 维也纳    时间: 2008-10-28 11:47

Post production- time to fix it up a bit by adjusting levels, brightness, contrast, curves and sharpness and one you have it looking good add some diffuse glow and tweak it till you are satisfied.

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作者: 维也纳    时间: 2008-10-28 11:47

Well I hope you
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